School Lockdown System

Secure & Reliable

Lockdown Security System is a security solution that is designed to secure all areas of a facility against a potential threat and minimize the time it takes to contact law enforcement during emergency situation.

Available Lockdown Actions

What Happens When A Lock Down Is Initiated?

  • Local law enforcement is contacted immediately with critical information, location and cause.
  • All perimeter doors are secured, card and electronic access becomes disabled with an override key provided for Police and Fire Department.
  • Auomatic trigger of pre-recorded lockdown message over the PA system.
  • Exterior or Interior strobe lights flash at enrance doors warning people to stay away.
  • IP phones display the Lockdown message and can play an audible lockdown message.
  • IP security cameras start fully recording.
  • Notification system alert staff, students and parents via email and text.

Systems Integrated Into The Lockdown

Card Access System

Camera System

PA System

Phone System

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