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Gain Complete Control Over Access To Your Building

Technotime Business Solutions offers state-of-the-art control over who has access to your building and when they have access. You can control anything from a single door to a worldwide network controlling hundreds of doors thousands of miles apart. The systems can be set up as wired or wireless networks. These sensors provide information when a door is opened or closed or when there is a request to exit.

Available features include dynamic mapping of all access points and their usage. Access cards can be adjusted for single use, a set time period, restricted or total access. Call the Techno Time team to show you how to gain the control over your school that is necessary in today’s security conscious world.

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Access Control Benefits

  • Controlled access to any entrance on the system
  • Single to worldwide network capabilities
  • Works with existing network
  • Instant acknowledgement of a breach
  • Dynamic mapping capabilities
  • Controls times access is allowed

Product Features

  • Customizable options for visitor access
  • Connects to existing network infrastructure
  • Wired (Ethernet compatible) or wireless (WiFi)
  • Scheduled history archiving
  • Clear and easy-to-read commands
  • Can utilize existing PC
  • Single access to worldwide network
  • Archives building access activity
  • Anti-passback
  • Changeable software syncs
  • Swipe card and biometric units available
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